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About Iruza Impex

IRUZA impex was established in 1984 and since then it has been working hardly in the production of quality Instruments for worthy and professional people on the globe. That is why its motto is customer’s satisfaction with best suitable price.
The quality of our products and services became better because we understood the requirements of our customers and tried our best to fulfill their demands. In this way we produced accurate instruments for our customers and earned honor & name.
Today IRUZA impex is successfully manufacturing quality Beauty Care implements, with selected range of Surgical & Veterinary Instruments.
Moreover IRUZA impex has its own color and powder coating units, which are being managed by experts and technicians. So there is no matter with any shade or tone about enamel colors or powder coating. In this way our customers can get several shades and designing of their own choice e.g. single enamel colors, two tons, single color in powder coatings or mixture of color and powder coating etc.
One more thing IRUZA has screen-printing units where logos and designing for the customers to produce the best looked and quality products with all types of packing for more attraction & beautification.
However we did our best to list the most popular selling items in our catalogue. If you do not find any item of your own choice in our collection, please contact us to get your required item.
We shall be very thankful to you, if you send us its picture or sample for our competitive quotations and samples etc. We can produce such devices according to your specifications. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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